Easy Class Prod

Mariano Gabriel Ringgenberg Carballo alias „Dj Xapa Kente“ son of Argentinian mother and Swiss father, Borned in Rio de Janeiro (BRA) started his passion to music with his famliy as a young boy with Afro-brazilian spiritual songs. After making his first band experiences as drummer at school in Switzerland, he started at 16 his DJ career as “Mar-I Selecta” in a Reggae/Dancehall Soundsystem. Three Years later he decided to continue with his roots, which is the latin music.
So he founded in 2007 „EasyClass Production“ and formed in Biel/Bienne his crew (Dj Desaste, D.F.A., D’Marcos, Emidee, Ganjazzy..himself and many more).
As head of this crew he turned being one of the biggest Latin event
promoter in Switzerland and played as DJ Xapa Kente in many clubs.
He founded also the EasyClass Studio and gives young talented people. 2017 He allready produced his partylabel "Latino FLavour" in Brazil and worked as Dj in Germany, Ireland, Spain, and France.
In 2017 he also restartet his career as MC and started with PlanetV Music his new project as "Latin Artist"! 
Speaking german, portuguise, french, spanish, italian and english
„Dj Xapa Kente“ brings unity between all latin and swiss people with a open-minded music style like baile funk, reggaeton, dancehall, hip-hop, kuduro and many party classics. A mix of urban and commercial, new- and old school, international and regional!
Dj and Organiser @:
- „Latino Flavour“ /(since 2008) - „Dale Mas Duro“ (since 2012)

Already played @:
Coupole, Bungalow, Cargo Club, Duo Club, Blue Note (Biel)  Atelier Volant, Sasha Club (Lausanne), Moa Club (Geneve),  VSD (Fleurier), Stage Club (Delemont), Tsunami (VS) D Rumba (Basel) Viva Club,  La Bomba (Lausanne), Ibiza Club (Geneve), Latin Palace (Zürich), La  Suite, Legend Club, (Moutier), Clandestino Club (Rio de Janeiro), Coffee  Shop (Bahia, Itacare)

Organized Shows with:
Nicky Jam, Don Chezina (Puerto Rico), Duda do Borel (RJ), Dj Edgar (RJ),
Chakal, Rodry-Go (COL), Tony Martinez & the Cuban Power (CUB), Dj
Wesley (SWE), Armando Miranda (CUB), Os Garimpeiros (Angola), Emidee,
D’Marcos, El Pambiro (Dom.Rep.), Passion Latina(ZH), El Rey(ZH), Samuray
Kuba, Charly Master Jay, Ocamboman (Dom.Rep.), Chris la voz de oro
(ZH), Bab’s Cool (BNC), Nappy Paco (NY), Dj Desastre, Dj Malafama, Dj
Nando, Dj Nika, Dj LC, Dj Tiago, Dj Bronx, Dj Juan Cuba, Dj Gil B, Dj
Zaiky Lopez, Dj Lil Kiss,Dj Virus, Dj Cochano, Dj Yan Bruno, Dj
Buenavista, Dj Manza, Dj Don Bruno, Dj Piloto, Dj Zoumanto, Dj Old Yves,
Dj Erick